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Tastes change, fads come and go. But the desire for good stories, whether based in reality or conjured from the imaginations of talented writers, is eternal. Storytelling is both a craft and an art, and we embrace it. Our 13-part series, “Samurai Sportsmen” (produced by Hidden Treasures Productions and directed by Rob Fruchtman) was one of Outdoor Life Network’s most popular shows.

We actively look for collaboration with producers, writers and broadcasters on new and exciting programs for television and digital platforms.

If you are looking for a flexible professional video crews for your national/international project, give us a call.

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TV Programs

Secrets of Mary Magdalene (PBS)  trailer 2:13

PBS special about Mary Magdalene and her historical significance as one of Jesus’ most valued disciples.

Work Samples

Trust Me (Showtime), Paul Taylor (PBS), Sister Helen (HBO), Animal Medical Center, Ancient Splendors (Reader’s Digest/Disney)