Documentary Films


We have a history of documentary filmmaking that spans three decades, beginning with a film for SHOWTIME called “The Last of the Incas” and on to films about ancient civilizations, artists, musicians, dancers, nuns rehabbing addicts, Mary Magdalene, Masons, the first women’s drum troupe in Rwanda, and a camp for kids of different faiths post-9/11 – among others. Along the way, we have won three Emmy Awards, the Sundance Directing Award and audiences around the world via film festivals and foreign broadcasts.

We are always interested in compelling stories that shine a light on the wonder of our species and the challenging issues of our society.




Powerful sounds pierce the silence of the Rwandan countryside. Curious children gawk outside the gate. It is something new in Rwanda—women, 60 strong, pounding out rhythms of power and joy. In 1994 Rwanda suffered a devastating genocide. Close to a million were killed by neighbors, friends, even family. Horror swept the land. And when it was over, those who remained were broken, dead inside.

The country has made great strides in economic recovery, but “people are not like roads and buildings” says Rwandan theater director Kiki Katese. “How do we rebuild a human being?” Kiki formed Ingoma Nshya, Rwanda’s first and only women’s drumming troupe, open to women from both sides of the conflict. There was only one requirement: to leave the categories of the past at the gate.

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HBO film and Sundance Directing Award winner. The remarkable story of a tough nun and the men she watches over.

For desperate, repeat substance abusers, genuine hope and much-needed assistance comes in the form of an ill-tempered, stubborn and unyielding 69 year-old Benedictine nun who runs a home for recovering addicts, much like Vince Lombardi would run a football team. With one exception: Sister Helen Travis is tougher.

Sundance Film Festival Documentary Directing Award 2002
Director’s Guild of America Award (nom)
Grand Prize: Chicago, Newport, Nashville Film Festivals, et al.

National Emmy Award (nom)


A SHOWTIME special presentation. An interfaith camp in North Carolina with Jewish, Muslim and Christian boys ages nine to thirteen meet post-9/11 to learn, share and discover that they are indeed more alike than apart.

Ancient Splendors: Egypt

A look at the rise and fall of four ancient civilizations – Ramses’ Egypt, The Mayans and Tikal, Angkor Wat and the Khmer, and Pericles’ Greece.