Glass Half Full is currently in production on two feature length documentaries


MOVING STORIES follows a dedicated group of New York City dancers as they go around the world to lead dance workshops with marginalized youth. So far, we have filmed in India (with young women subjected to sex abuse and trafficking), Romania (Roma youth facing poverty and exclusion), South Korea (North Korean teenage defectors having difficulty adapting to their new culture) and New York City (youth affected by poverty and drugs). The power of dance to focus, empower and unleash creativity is clear, and moving. We expect the film to be completed by end of 2015.

THE RESCUERS is set in Brooklyn, where people in diverse neighborhoods spend their free time rescuing stray cats by trapping, neutering, adopting and feeding them. The number of cats living in colonies on the streets of Brooklyn is astounding. The people who have made this their mission often forego human relationships in favor of feline ones. Their dedication takes a toll on their work and private lives. But they do it nonetheless. THE RESCUERS is slated for release in mid-2016.

Corporate clients have been keeping us busy this year. So far, we have completed campaigns for Party City and Teva Pharmaceuticals, with upcoming work this summer for Charter Communications slated for July.